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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for Homer. (Page 2)

There are 40 sounds on this page (of 271 classic Homer sounds).

calander.mp3 "Oh! A Garry Larson calander! I don't get it... I don't get it..."
candotht.mp3 "Computers can do that?"
cantswear.mp3 Homer can't swear
capturetheflag.mp3 Bart wants Homer to play capture the flag
car.mp3 "I'm going to the back seat of my car..."
casualsex.mp3 "He missed his casual sex..."
catch.mp3 "When a boy doesn't want to play catch with his old man, something is seriously wrong..."
catchhim.mp3 "Don't worry, we'll catch him or run him over trying"
censored.mp3 Homer putting some aftershave on
choc2milk.mp3 "Let's celebrate by the adding of chocolate to milk..."
cigars.mp3 Homer smoking cigars to be like Thomas Edison
clever.mp3 Homer said someting clever but nobody heard it
clod.mp3 "No, I want rosebeef you clod! (laughs)"
cloud.mp3 Homer is really drunk
comfyundies.mp3 Homer talking about comfy women underwear...
computer.mp3 "No time for that now! The computer's starting!"
court.mp3 "Your Honor, I'd like to represent myself..."
crazy.mp3 Homer going crazy
crazytv.mp3 "It's the TV that's crazy!! Gibberish, all gibberish! "
creditcard.mp3 Homer happy because Bart gave him 350$ he charged on his credit card
dada.mp3 Homer's brain singing "Dadadadadahey dadada"
dareya.mp3 "Come on, I dare ya!"
deadgun.mp3 "I'd like to buy your deadliest gun please..."
dearbaby.mp3 "Dear baby, welcome to Dumpville. Population: You"
default.mp3 "Default! The 2 sweetest words in the English language!"
devil.mp3 "I'm smarter than the devil!"
devilsadvocate.mp3 "Marge, may I play Devil's Advocate for a moment?"
dogbee.mp3 "Or what? You'll release the dogs or the bees..."
dogfood.mp3 Homer telling Bart how he can get his dog back
doh.mp3 "D'oh!"
dohdoh.mp3 "D'oh! D'oh! D'oh! I mean... woohoo!"
doheth.mp3 "Doheth!"
domination.mp3 Homer's plan for the future...
donuts.mp3 "Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?"
doodoo.mp3 Homer's plan to escape Springfield
doomed.mp3 Homer saying that he was right, not Flanders
dowhacky.mp3 Homer punching Lisa in the face with his transporter
dream.mp3 Homer talking about American dream
drunk.mp3 The love letter Homer wrote to Marge when he was drunk
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