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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for Homer. (Page 4)

There are 52 sounds on this page (of 271 classic Homer sounds).

iamgay.mp3 "Three simple words... I am gay"
imrich.mp3 "Woohoo! I'm rich!"
intelhomer.mp3 The Intel Inside sound with a D'oh! at the end
internet.mp3 "Welcome to the Internet my friend. How can I help you?"
interview.mp3 Homer being interviewed by Kent Brockman
invincible.mp3 "I am invincible! Invicible! Owwww!!"
inyourface.mp3 Homer very happy... "In your face!"
joejoe.mp3 Homer talking about his friend Joey Joe Joe Jr something
johnny.mp3 Homer scaring the kids
justice.mp3 "Stupid poetic justice..."
killbrain.mp3 Homer making a deal with his brain
kissbye.mp3 "Kiss my curvy butt good-bye!"
kissmybutt.mp3 "Kiss my hairy yellow butt!"
lampclapper.mp3 Homer realizes he doesn't have a clapper
lastpeanut.mp3 Homer talking about the wonders of the last peanut
latersex.mp3 "Can't talk. See Flanders. Later sex."
lazy.mp3 "I love those lazy Saturdays..." "It's Wednesday Homer"
lie.mp3 Homer doesn't want to lie to Marge
liverhurts.mp3 "Shut up liver! (punch) Ouch! My liver hurts!"
lordperson.mp3 "Does the Lord count as a person?"
losebrain.mp3 "Me lose brain? Uh-oh! (laughs) Why I laugh?"
lunchtime.mp3 "Must destroy mankind! *bip bip* Ouuh! Lunchtime!"
mainlyyour.mp3 Homer thinking about giving the puppies away
mcrap.mp3 "Sweet merciful crap!"
meow.mp3 "I know you can read my thoughts boy... Meow meow meow meow..."
message.mp3 "Marge, is Lisa at Camp Granada?"
militants.mp3 "Militants? If I were you, I'd kick their arses!"
moe.mp3 Homer hearing only Moe, Moe, Moe...
moes.mp3 "Big deal. I've been carried out of Moe's like that hundred of times"
moneypeanut.mp3 Homer looking for the last peanut under the couch but he finds money instead
move2lit.mp3 "Move to the light Homer!" (in 3D world)
mr_t.mp3 Homer talking about Mr. T
mrmoe_surface.mp3 "Mr. Moe, prepare to surface"
muppet.mp3 Homer explaining to Lisa what's a muppet
mustkillmoe.mp3 "Must... kill... Moe... WHEEE!! Must... kill... Moe... WHEEE!!
nakedladies.mp3 Homer talking to the gay guy
nevertry.mp3 "The lesson is: never try"
nolistening.mp3 "No listening. You hear me?" "No..." "You just don't learn..."
notes.mp3 "Ahahahah! Ahahahah! He dropped his notes! Ahahah!!"
obese.mp3 "All my life I've been an obese man trapped inside a fat's man body"
ohbaby.mp3 "Oh baby..."
pants.mp3 "I have misplaced my pants"
peanut.mp3 Homer can't hear himself think because Otto is playing the guitar
pencils.mp3 "You've got pencils with your name on them!"
perfect.mp3 "Perfect..."
phone.mp3 Homer's phone call to Marge before going into space
planet.mp3 Homer talking about the terrible Planet of the Apes
platypusman.mp3 "You made them cancel Platypus Man!!"
pokerdog.mp3 "Ah! They're dogs! And they're playing poker!!"
police.mp3 Homer talking about the Police Academy movies
pornography.mp3 "I was buying pornography..."
powdergravy.mp3 "I shouldn't have eaten that packet of powdered gravy i found in the parking lot"
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