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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for the episode "Hungry Hungry Homer" This is the first time I record sounds, so please don't compain too much if they are crappy... All the files are MP3's and they all are under 100K of size (except for 2)

There are 50 sounds for this episode

001.mp3 Oww! Oww! Oww! Wheeeeeeeeee!!!
002.mp3 We have our choice of Rectangle Land...
003.mp3 I am a robot, do what I say...
004.mp3 You knocked his block off! Come with me...
005.mp3 I built myself a healthy apple...
006.mp3 I get it! Everything's made of blocks!
007.mp3 Don't you mean Blocko shirt?
008.mp3 I'm gonna give you a little souvenir of my own!
009.mp3 My heart was in the right place, jerk!
010.mp3 I'm going to spend a whole day helping people...
011.mp3 Why won't you go out with Bart?
012.mp3 Bart's not so bad... (munch munch)
013.mp3 Nice place you got here...
014.mp3 You weren't kidding! Your profits margins are razor-thin!
015.mp3 The satisfaction of helping another human being...
016.mp3 I gave that man directions...
017.mp3 Hey Moe! Gimme a Duff!
018.mp3 He's the new Homer. He's wonderful!
019.mp3 Is that the executive office of the ball club?
020.mp3 Spin that back to where it was...
021.mp3 Albuquerque Isotopes? What is this stuff? Oh...
022.mp3 You can't silence Homer Simpson! Oooh Yeah!!!!
023.mp3 Man, this is malty... but he'll never know!
024.mp3 You know me, occasionally I'll be querky...
025.mp3 Duffman as a reporter asking a question to Homer
026.mp3 The only story here...
027.mp3 Well I think I know tomorrow's headline...
028.mp3 We have obtained this footage of him with his pants on fire...
029.mp3 I don't mind being called a liar...
030.mp3 You couldn't keep up a hunger strike... (sucking fist)
031.mp3 Dad, I'm so proud of you...
032.mp3 Duff's not going to let me waste away to nothing...
033.mp3 Hey kid and ma'am...
034.mp3 So hungry... must fight evil corporation
035.mp3 Nice try god... Stop that!
036.mp3 I don't do things that way Lisa...
037.mp3 Homer singing while on his hunger strike
038.mp3 Duffman is a cautious cat...
039.mp3 Duffman has a bad feeling about this
040.mp3 They're moving the team to Albuquerque...
041.mp3 Do they have to chew so loud???
042.mp3 I'm down to a B cup!
043.mp3 You see there? He's fine! Look at him go!
044.mp3 His smell is distracting the center fielder...
045.mp3 Me so hungy!
046.mp3 Those are south-western ingredients!!
047.mp3 Don't listen to them Duffman...
048.mp3 The truth never tasted so good!
049.mp3 They'll play what I tell them to play...
099.mp3 I'd like to go! How about you Maggie?
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