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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds from the season 12 episode "Bye Bye Nerdy" [CABF11] That is all, enjoy! Oh, one last thing. All the files are MP3's and 95% of them are under 100K in size.

101.mp3 The Itchy & Scratchy TV ad
102.mp3 I can't take that chance!
103.mp3 Looks like we'll have to stay home today...
104.mp3 "Stop! Stop!" "You wanna drag??"
105.mp3 It's like Speed 2...
106.mp3 I won! Don't take that away from me...
107.mp3 Ralph laughing at a donkey
108.mp3 She'll never fit in...
109.mp3 1 hour dry cleaner? Man, that's fast!
110.mp3 So... this coffee's good huh?
111.mp3 Your baby, Maggie Simpson, is dead!
112.mp3 That's a pretty big caboose for a baby...
113.mp3 She got it open!! Nooo!! This is such an eye opener...
114.mp3 We don't need your high-priced safety junk!
115.mp3 It's like she owns the place...
116.mp3 My name's Lisa, what's yours? (punch)
117.mp3 Everybody was kung-fu fighting... good times
118.mp3 They're not dolls, they're aspiration figures...
119.mp3 She's not afraid of bunnies... She will be!
120.mp3 Taste like yours...
121.mp3 We're a totem pole! Haya Hoya Haya!!
122.mp3 Here, hold this a sec.... Ouch! Ouch!
123.mp3 I already encased the telephone in concrete...
124.mp3 Poison delivery service. A gift basket of poison is on its way...
125.mp3 Ouch! Get her out of here!
126.mp3 Bullies throwing tomatoes at Martin
127.mp3 Will you bullies be interested in some bodyguard work?
128.mp3 There's a lot of history there...
129.mp3 Saving those babies... (singing)
130.mp3 Down the line, you might want to switch to a nice round Buddha...
131.mp3 'Tis a mighty pottle of puke!!
132.mp3 Willie's a stinkin' liar...
133.mp3 Why does the school need to watch us all the time?
134.mp3 Oh my god! That roll of towel is nearing the end!
135.mp3 Now, don't mind the squeegee...
136.mp3 Need a ride home? You really don't want that, trust me...
137.mp3 Mr. Tatum, do you mind if a swab you with this damp rag?
138.mp3 "I insist that you desist" "Please don't hurt me..."
139.mp3 And now, the oestrogen network presents "Afternoon Yak"
140.mp3 Look at this baby! Not a scratch on him and I've got boat payments!
141.mp3 That's me! Safety dance!
142.mp3 Babies of Springfield, we need your help...
143.mp3 The problem: constant flying saucer attacks...
144.mp3 The inventor of the walkie-talkie is out there...
145.mp3 Pi is exactly 3!
146.mp3 But why do the brawny pray on the brainy?
147.mp3 I'd like to thank her parents for helping with the caging...
148.mp3 Woohoo! Simpsons rule! Sorry...
149.mp3 It's just ordinary salad dressing...
150.mp3 So all her bullying was just to get some attention...
151.mp3 Don't worry, she'll punch herself out...
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