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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for the episode "Simpsons Safari". All the files are MP3's and they all are under 100K of size, except for 1. Enjoy!

There are 49 sounds for this episode

152.mp3 "We could shop at the gas station, like normal people..."
153.mp3 "I need this candy for school... candy class"
154.mp3 "My doctor says and my garage mechanic agrees..."
155.mp3 "I don't know if it matters, but it was a Time magazine"
156.mp3 The customer's always right!
157.mp3 "Hurry up! I can't stand here jabbing you all day!"
158.mp3 "The bag boys are at strike! I'm shaking!"
159.mp3 Kent Broackman talking about the bag boys strike
160.mp3 "Next time I'll knock your hat off scab!"
161.mp3 Bart found some "abandoned" eggs
162.mp3 "Good boy! Show us where the food is!"
163.mp3 "Africa! They're bound to have food there!"
164.mp3 "On my African safari, I want to do everything on this box"
165.mp3 "An old box of cookies is not a legal contract..."
166.mp3 "Mister, on the plane I'm gonna need 2 seats..."
167.mp3 "The Simpsons are going to Africa!"
168.mp3 "Prepare for our landing in Tanzania..."
169.mp3 "Hello Simpsons! Welcome to Africa!"
170.mp3 "Just like Jimmy Carter..."
171.mp3 (spider eats luggage) "Bound to happen.."
172.mp3 "Good night! And don't let the bed bugs paralyze!"
173.mp3 Bart saw a warthog...
174.mp3 "Wow! It just rolled over to 10,000!"
175.mp3 "What did you just see Lisa?"
176.mp3 Marge saw a cheetah...
177.mp3 "Poachers are nature's way of keeping the balance..."
178.mp3 "I've got more bones than that guy!"
179.mp3 "What kind of blood is this?"
180.mp3 "Aaaahh! A Hungry Hungry Hippo!"
181.mp3 "Quick! Into the river! Hippos hate water!"
182.mp3 "Which way should we go??"
183.mp3 "Being eaten by a crocodile is just like going to sleep..."
184.mp3 "According to animal crackers, there's no river here..."
185.mp3 "This flower saved our lives!"
186.mp3 "Are we insane yet?" "I told you, yes!"
187.mp3 "Or more mouth watering monkeys!"
188.mp3 "Isn't that sweet? He named it after his wife..."
189.mp3 "See Jojo, she likes it!"
190.mp3 "I loved what you've done with those poles" "Sniff sniff"
191.mp3 "You must be the most boring woman on earth!"
192.mp3 "Anything for these noble animals! So like us..."
193.mp3 "Somebody light this monkey! "
194.mp3 "Why don't you tell her about the diamond mine doctor?"
195.mp3 "The chimps are running a diamond mine!"
196.mp3 "Look at me! I'm a scientist!"
197.mp3 "I haven't said anything for a while"
198.mp3 "These are pictures of monkeys from famous movies!"
199.mp3 Dr. Bushwell going crazy...
200.mp3 "I wonder what happened to Muntu..."
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