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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds from the season 12 episode "Children of a Lesser Clod" [CABF16] Happy downloading! All sounds are under 100K in size, except for 2, and there is one sound that is a little more than 200KB.

There are 54 sounds for this episode

300.mp3 "I know, we'll never see any of you again..."
301.mp3 The old folks playing basketball
302.mp3 "Welcome to gymnastics..."
303.mp3 "I should bust a cap in your ass!"
304.mp3 "Yes! Losers! Losers! You said Homer right?"
305.mp3 "...and the shoes made of the Flubber!!"
306.mp3 "I have purchased the Springfield YMCA..."
307.mp3 "The chase begins!" "Aaah!"
308.mp3 "Go Carl! Go Carl! It's my birthday!"
309.mp3 "I've got a secret plan I've been saving for the Olympics..."
310.mp3 "Eat my dust, mortals!"
311.mp3 "Maybe a little morphine will refresh my memory..."
312.mp3 "Maybe a little morphine would get me there quicker..."
313.mp3 "So many times we've seen our father go under the knife"
314.mp3 "My life would be nothing without the nucleon plant"
315.mp3 "Look! A bear! Run! Owww! Ouch!"
316.mp3 "What am I supposed to do? Sit on my ass and watch TV?"
317.mp3 "Ms. Simpson, can Homer come out and play?"
318.mp3 "There goes my whacking finger!"
319.mp3 "Thank you, Ping-Pong" "My name's Craig" "Sure it is..."
320.mp3 "I'll breed the pets... to each other!"
321.mp3 "Stupid Flanders!"
322.mp3 "It's not my uncle Lou. And this man's not dead!"
323.mp3 "And this pickle you're offering only sweetens the deal"
324.mp3 "Mr. Simpson, can we have another jelly and candy sandwich?"
325.mp3 "Pokemon? Pokemon with the Poke and the Mon and the ..."
326.mp3 "He told us how the world keeps screwing him over..."
327.mp3 "Just to see the look on your face... that's the one"
328.mp3 "Sure! Go for the gusto... It knows you're afraid!"
329.mp3 "I would like the take advantage of your baby prison..."
330.mp3 "It gives me a high only morphine can top..."
331.mp3 Homer playing Peek-a-boo! with a baby...
332.mp3 "Uncle Homer, will you sing that crazy song we love?"
333.mp3 "You'll have children one day, then you'll know my joy..."
334.mp3 "I think we know your dad a little bit better than you do"
335.mp3 "If you're happy and you know it, say a swear..."
336.mp3 "Awwww... what a beautiful frame..."
337.mp3 "Tree-mendous! Where's Ralph?" "I almost died!"
338.mp3 "Don't film this!"
339.mp3 "Daddy thought you were a pile of cables..."
340.mp3 "We've got to show the world what dad is really like..."
341.mp3 "Stop the music! One more line and we have to pay for the song!"
342.mp3 "So, what's in the news? The bus disaster. Very sad"
343.mp3 "I'm told there's a glitch in our Internet webcast..."
344.mp3 "Who writes this stuff?" (monkey screams)
345.mp3 "All my love is come back in trophy form!"
346.mp3 The complete Homer video from the Good Guy Awards (1:10 min)
347.mp3 Homer getting away with the children
348.mp3 "The term soccer mom..."
349.mp3 "Where are we going?"
350.mp3 "You're not the time Kent! You're not the time!"
351.mp3 "Uh... you better turn!"
352.mp3 "He's trying to climb over the fence..."
353.mp3 "From now on, you two are the only kids I'll care about..."
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