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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Below are requests for Simpsons-related multimedia that I've filled out over the years.

Don't be shy to send in your own request if you have any! Simply visit the request page, and fill out the form! Alternatively, you could contact me directly using the information found in the about page.

Name Request Filled on Link to file
Amy Lee Picture of Ned Flanders skiing July 22, 2007 Grabpic #1
Grabpic #2
Jeff Homer saying "Mmmmm... hog fat" May 8, 2008 Sound
Lisa Homer saying "I can't believe you get can reception in this hell hole!" Not filled yet. If you know from what episode this comes from, please contact me.
Kim Marge asking Homer if he has been drinking (Just 10 beers!) September 1, 2008 Sound
Mike Why Lisa can't dance in the upcoming dance recital at school (Communism!) November 9, 2008 Sound
Joe MP3 of "Hello Joe!" November 23, 2008 Sound
Nathan Sound of Homer calling Milhouse "Milton" (and calling his dad Nohouse) November 23, 2008 Sound
Nathan Sound of Homer asking Marge if she's thinking about him in bed (and Marge asking him the same question) November 23, 2008 Sound
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