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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for Mr. Burns. There are 29 sounds on this page.

bitch.mp3 "Fresh victims for my evergrowing army of the undead..."
bowling.mp3 "Stop everything! I don't remember writing a check for bowling!"
cube.mp3 "Hello, Mr. Burns' office." "Is it about my cube?"
damnatn.mp3 "Damnation!"
deepdoh.mp3 "Yes, you're in deep d'oh now!"
excellnt.mp3 "Excellent."
fillerup.mp3 "You there, fill it up with petroleum distilate!"
germans.mp3 "Ohhh the Germans are mad at me! I'm so scared!"
greeting.mp3 "Ahoy-hoy?"
hounds.mp3 "Release the hounds..."
jademonkey.mp3 "You must find the jade monkey before the next full moon..."
lawyers.mp3 "To me, you're all vipers!"
meltdown.mp3 "Core meltdown in 10 seconds"
numbskullry.mp3 "I can't take much more of your blundering numbskullery"
pantsoff.mp3 "You don't have to sue me to get my pants off!"
plaque.mp3 "As punishment for your desertion, it's company policy to give you the plague..."
popinfresh.mp3 "Poppin' fresh! There's something I've wanted to do to you for years!"
prankcall5.mp3 "I'm looking for a Mr. Smithers..."
rocket.mp3 "Smithers, there's a rocket in my pocket"
safari.mp3 "You're the saddest thing I've ever seen... and I've been on safaris"
scoop.mp3 "Damn it Smithers! This isn't rocket science, it's brain surgery!"
simpeh.mp3 "Simpson, eh?"
smile.wav "Why are my teeth showing like that?"
sorrybutt.mp3 "I guess there's nothing left but to kiss my sorry butt goodbye."
stocks.mp3 "Tell me how my stocks did yesterday."
sunset.mp3 "Have you ever seen the sun set at 3 PM?"
supercomp.mp3 "You call this a super computer?"
terror.mp3 "What good is money if you can't inspire terror in your fellow man?"
vest.wav Mr. Burns "See My Vest" song.
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