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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for Cletus.

There are 13 sounds on this page.

baby.mp3 "Never you mind Brandine, you just go back to birthin' that baby."
boots.mp3 Cletus finding some boots
cement.mp3 "There's trouble down to the cement mixer, sir!"
cletus.mp3 Cletus naming his kids
cut.mp3 "I cut myself on the screen door again."
geech.mp3 Cletus losing his dog
hair.mp3 Cletus pulling the hair of a little girl
hotdamn.mp3 Cletus getting his driver's license
roof.mp3 "Hey Ma! Get off the dang roof!"
skunk.mp3 "Mind the skunk, them things can go off even after theys dead."
stank.mp3 "Hey Brandine? I think I done busted my stank bone."
tresspasser.mp3 "Stranger, you're a tresspasser on my dirt farm."
yehaw.mp3 "Yeeee-haw!"

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