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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for Homer. (Page 3)

There are 52 sounds on this page (of 271 classic Homer sounds).

eating.mp3 "Alright pie, I'm gonna do this...
ebert.mp3 "Oh no, I'm sweating like Roger Ebert!"
egghead.au (not sure)
elevator.mp3 Homer meeting Mindy in the elevator
emergencydonut.au "Dear Homer, I.O.U. one emergency donut signed Homer"
english.mp3 "English? Who needs that? I'm never going to England"
erotcake.mp3 "Ouh! Erotic cake!"
eskimos.mp3 "Vampires are make-believes, like elves and Eskimos"
eum.mp3 "Good things don't end with eum..."
fatfingers.mp3 Homer tries to make a phone call, but his fingers are too fat
fatkid.mp3 "That kid's got bosoms!"
fats.mp3 "They don't call me Springfield fats just because I'm obese"
fife.mp3 Homer looking for the fife (history museum)
finish.mp3 Homer encouraging Bart to "finish him off!"
fish.mp3 "I wish I wished I hadnt' killed that fish"
fishing.mp3 "Nahnahnahnah fishing... fishing... fishing"
fivestages.mp3 "Homer going through (quickly) the five stages defore death
flaming.mp3 "I like my beer cold, my TV loud..."
foodcritic.mp3 "Nobody talk to me that way, I'm Homer Simpson..."
forest.mp3 "Dumping your kids in the forest sure gets your hands dusty..."
fortune.mp3 "I feel like I'm wasting a fortune just standing here!"
franklunch.mp3 Homer eating Frank Grime's lunch
freewill.mp3 "Jump free Willy, jump! Jump!"
funcritisize.mp3 "It's very easy to criticize." "Fun too!"
funky.mp3 Homer has a hard time finding time in which to get funky
gamblingproblem.mp3 "That's nothing, because you have a gambling problem!"
gamblor.mp3 Homer talking about Gamblor, the gambling monster
garbage.mp3 Homer wanting to become a Sanitation Commissioner
gas.mp3 Homer talking about gas
gasbreak.mp3 Homer talking about gas break
gays.mp3 Homer criticizing gay people
girls.mp3 Homer talking about the girls of the Internet
gohomer.mp3 Homer trying to break into Mr. Burns' house
goodbad.mp3 "That's good! That's bad! That's good!" Homer buying a doll for Bart
goons.mp3 Hired goons come get Homer
gorilla.mp3 Homer going nuts
gotmail.mp3 "The mail! The mail is here! Ouhh!"
guylikeme.mp3 "Guys like me! I'm a guy like me!"
hacker.mp3 "All this computer hacking is making me thirsty..."
hahadoom.mp3 "Ahahahahahahahah!! We're doomed!"
hapyland.mp3 Homer being sarcastic
heater.mp3 "Stupid heater! Don't make me come in there!"
hellhole.mp3 "New York is a hell hole..."
hesdead.mp3 Homer beating up the Hamburgler
hillbillies.mp3 Homer talking about hillbillies
hitreferee.mp3 "Remember when daddy hit the referee?"
hoedown.mp3 "Lisa, never ever stop in the middle of a hoedown"
hoganus.mp3 "Without the grease, all you can taste is the hoganus!"
hoju.mp3 "The kids can call you Hoju!"
holyland.mp3 "I'd really like to help you Flanders, but Marge was taken prisoner in Holyland
honk.mp3 Homer wants his dignity back
hubba2.mp3 "All I'm gonna use this bed for is sleeping, eating and maybe building a little fort..."
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