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The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
The Simpsons-O-Rama
Here are the sounds for the episode "Simpsons Safari". All the files are MP3's and they all are under 100K of size, except for 1. Enjoy!

There are 48 sounds for this episode

354.mp3 "I can't believe it! We won another contest!"
355.mp3 "Stupid anti-fist shaking laws!"
356.mp3 "Nothing beats the hobo life, stabbing folks with my hobo knife..."
357.mp3 "I was just having little fun with you no-bos"
358.mp3 "Congratulations Mr. Bunyan, it's a boy!"
359.mp3 "His body grew big but his brain stayed small..."
360.mp3 "Me hungee!"
361.mp3 "I think I found a way out, it's not pretty, but it'll do..."
362.mp3 "We're going bankrupt just feeding and clothing the guy!"
363.mp3 "You guys are the greatest friends a giant doofus could have"
364.mp3 "He took down his ax, and carved himself a pet..."
365.mp3 "I'll call you Babe, you'll be my best friend"
366.mp3 "So Paul and his Babe traveled all across this great land..."
367.mp3 "Hey hey hey... who's the hobo here?"
368.mp3 "I just want to spruce up for our date!"
369.mp3 "When are we gonna... you know..."
370.mp3 "But when I can save your lives, I'm Mr. Popular"
371.mp3 "This one's for the little crippled boy... that I crippled"
372.mp3 "Who wants to give me a sponge bath?"
373.mp3 Homer giving a sponge bath to the hobo
374.mp3 "Who put the beans in my bindle?"
375.mp3 "It's the tale of Johnny... Connie Appleseed"
376.mp3 "Cleaning my gun with the safety off, safety off, safety off..."
377.mp3 "I found a bullet!" "Man are buffalo easy to kill!"
378.mp3 "That tree! It seems to be calling to me!"
379.mp3 "Oh boy! Buffalo testicles!"
380.mp3 "You'll be sorry!" (throws apple and kills buffalo)
381.mp3 "She even changed her last name to Appleseed..."
382.mp3 "I haven't had buffalo in six hours!"
383.mp3 "There's 2 left!" (shoots buffalo) "What have I done?"
384.mp3 "You're the fattest, Buffelkill! Everybody dig in!"
385.mp3 "So now we're not eating Homer?"
386.mp3 "Today you can find apples in anything that's good!"
387.mp3 "That's not a tall tale, it's a book by Mark Twain!"
388.mp3 "Whitewashing sucks Tom! It powerful sucks!"
389.mp3 "Ahah... I still got it!"
390.mp3 "But just to play it safe..." (shotgun)
391.mp3 "How romantic! This reminds me of our shotgun wedding!"
392.mp3 "Mr. Silas, this young lady's flashing her privates!"
393.mp3 "I'm hungry! Got any food left?"
394.mp3 "One jug of whisky, three plugs of tobaccy..."
395.mp3 "Well dog my cats! They've disappeared!
396.mp3 "Just three X for me" "Give me five"
397.mp3 "Man, those derringer bullets are weak!" "Powerful weak!"
398.mp3 "And now, for the traditional lowering of the bodies into the coffins"
399.mp3 "I liked that story, because I was a judge!"
400.mp3 "I'm gonna keep on riding the rails, swapping stories for sponge baths..."
401.mp3 Homer giving a sponge to the hobo (again)
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